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We are proud to serve the Edmonton Capital Region. 

Full Cycle Bookkeeping

From data entry to financial statements, our experts can manage all your needs. We love working in your office, but are also comfortable working remotely. We work with multiple accounting firms and tax experts to meet all your needs.

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If you are struggling to generate your payroll correctly and on-time, having difficulty keeping up with the latest tax rates or find all the rules confusing, we can solve those problems for you.

Financial Planning

If you are looking to prepare a budget, seeking a government grant or are trying to raise capital, we can assist with the development of financial models, bank applications or preparation and reporting for government programs . 

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Business Meeting

Training and Transition

If you are seeking to fill a knowledge gap, train new staff, need temporary staff to fill a short term gap or simply need to catch up on paperwork, we can help.


Our Approach

A focus on you

Our experts listen to you to understand your needs. We know that every business has its own priorities and challenges. We listen to provide you a solution fits you.  

A solution matched to your company

We develop solutions that fit your business.

Our focus is to provide you exactly the services you need when you need them. Paperless and cloud-based solutions, phone-based apps and more are all available to you.

Reliability you can count on

We will be there for you.

We use top rated accounting software and apps for the greatest reliability, flexibility and security. We have processes in place  to ensure we get it right every time.


© Western Bookkeeping Services Inc. 

Serving the greater Edmonton region and all Alberta

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